Vacation in holiday home in Poland

Experience Poland - one of Europe's largest countries


When it comes to size, Poland is one of Europe's largest countries, and there are countless possibilites for different holiday forms in the country. From beach holidays and stays in spas to hiking in the mountain, from city holiday in one of the many larger cities to holiday in the countryside in a remote region, where time in many ways stands still.

If you are interested in knight's castles, Poland is the perfect holiday destination, as you can find numerous impressive castles and chateaus, f.ex. the gigantic crusader's castle in Malbork and countless castle ruins in the mountainous region of Southern Poland.

Holiday in Poland offers beautiful nature experiences


Poland offers the visitor unbelievably beautiful and very varied nature. The northern part of the country is relatively flat and in many places covered by endless forests and countless lakes and rivers: F.ex. you will find more than 4.000 lakes and a fantastic wildlife in Masuria. If you are lucky, you can watcg wild horses, wisents, wild boars, beavers, cranes, eagles as well as black and white storks. In Northern Poland you find the 524 km long Baltic Sea coast with its many lovely beaches, dunes and cliffy coasts.


In both Masuria and at the Baltic Sea you can find ideal conditions for bathing, fishing and different forms of water sports, as well as countless opportunities for horseback riders and cyclists.

The joy of city life in Poland


If you prefer the city life, we can recommend to visit Krakow, the former capital of Poland, with its charming old city centre, where you find Europe's largest medieval city square. In addition many good shops with local and international goods, restaurants, pubs have gradually emerged in the larger cities, where you still can benefit from prices being lower in Poland.

Winter sports in Poland


The southern part of Poland is rather mountainous and here you can find excellent winter sports opportunities. The nature is still unspoiled and offers many beautiful viewpoints over valleys, snow covered mountains and romantic small villages and there are still living bears and wolves in the mountains. You will find many fun activities, f.ex. timber rafting and canooing and mountain rivers, mountain biking and hiking.


Poland is a holiday destination of the future and the number of visitors rises year after year - and this is not surprising, because Poland is an interesting acquaintance all year.


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