Vacation in a holiday home in Spain

Fantastic holiday for the whole family

Regardless if you are longing for peace and quiet at a glittering bay, want to go dancing until the sun comes up, are hugry for adventures or just want to enjoy the sun and beaches with the family - in Spain you will find all that - and more!

Experiences and attractions in Spain


Spain is best known for flamenco, bull fighting, fantastic beaches and loads of sunshine, but the land has so much more to offer. It is true that you will find miles-on-end of coastline with inviting beaches and warm water, lively coast towns, small fishing villages, breathtaking views over the blue sea and idyllic lagoons surrounded by towering, cleft cliffs.


In Spain you will also find a wealth of cultural sights, e.g. castles and chateaus, monastery and other historical landmarks - some of which are more than 1.000 years old.

The medieval villages and fascinating cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, which swarm of atmosphere with their historic monuments, modern architecture and world class art, landmarks and countless shopping opportunities.

The culture in Spain


You should also treat yourselves to the experience of exploring the Spanish inland, where numerous experiences await you: Here you can enjoy the greats views over the landscapes with fertile valleys and forest clad mountains, while you enjoy a lovely meal consisting of delicious Spanish wine, a paella, a plate of tapas or maybe one of the many tempting fish and seafood dishes, which are an integral part of Spanish cookery.

Mallorca and the Canary Islands


In addition to holiday homes on the Spanish mainland, dansommer is also able to offer holiday homes on Mallorca and the Canary Islands.

Mallorca must be considered as the perfect holiday spot, because the island all year long is light and friendly. Mallorca is characterised by its peace and quiet - here life still takes place at a pleasant pace and you can put your worries behind you, only to enjoy the beauty of nature, the lovely beaches, the hospitality of the locals and the warmth of the sun.

The Canary Islands have a mild and pleasant climate, which often is described as "eternal spring", because the temperatures are relatively constant all year around. In addition the magnificient, varied nature you also meet people with an interesting history and a special character - right between Europe, Africa and America - on these islands.


No matter where in Spain you spend your holiday, it is absolutely certain that you can find a sunny spot - all year long.


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