Vacation in a holiday home in Sweden

Sweden - a large country with interesting contrasts

A holiday in a holiday home or cottage in Sweden is a lovely experience. Sweden is a large country full of interesting contrasts. Modern motor ways lead the way from the sandy beaches down south, with almost Mediterranaen atmosphere to the northern lights, which lights the sky way up north. In between this you will find huge deep forests, where humans don't rule, but only are guests. Mountains, rivers and peaceful lakes, where perches and pikes dwell, provide fantastic experinces when you are on holiday in Sweden. Holiday in Sweden promises peace and quiet, strolls across fragrant meadows, fishing, canooing and bathing in the cleanest water. Maybe your holiday in Sweden should also hold a moose safari with your camera in the wilderness??




Experience the unique hospitality on your holiday in Sweden

When renting a holiday home or cottage for your holiday in Sweden, you will see, that not only nature is beautiful in Sweden. The cities are as well! Take your time to go shopping in Malmö, a visit to a restaurant in Gothenburg or a viking exhibition in Stockholm. In addition you will find a wide variety of music, sports and culture festivals during the summer. The Swedes are wellknown for their hospitality and helpfullness - and you will always feel welcome!

Vacation in a holiday home in Sweden is also for the children

For children there is so much to experience and discover, when on holiday in Sweden: Amusement parks with pony riding, Pippi Longstockings as a theatre paly, Wild West park and much, much more....

Vacation in a holiday home in winter-Sweden

Winter is the active season in Sweden and why not try a skiing holiday in one of dansommer's wide selection of holiday homes in Sweden? The impressive Swedish nature offers excellent opportunities to combine skiing with a holiday in your "own" holiday home. Sweden is furthermore considered one of the safest countries to go on holiday in.

There is also a holiday home or cottage for you and your family in Sweden

Over and over again you will be met by red and white painted holiday homes and one of those is ready to welcome you. Sweden is not only sun and bathing. There is always something you and your family can do in Sweden, regardless of the wether. Why not save one of your holiday weeks for the low season and book a holiday home in Sweden?


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