Business houses

For relaxing work days without shirt and tie!

Do you and your workplace want to hold your next company meeting under different, cosier and more informal circumstances than you are used to? Or are you one of those who, for different reasons, want to combine holiday and work?



dansommer's business houses are marked with this symbol and are especially suited for business meetings of all kinds.


dansommer's business houses create the perfect framework for different company meetings and outings like seminars, workshops, board meetings, mini conventions and much, much more. The relaxing and inspiring atmosphere of the houses benefits the creativity and team spirit.

Get to know your colleagues


The breaks during the day can profitably be used to inhale the fresh sea breeze and explore the beautiful natural surroundings. Ultimately, you are together in a totally different, more relaxing way than you are used to in an office or traditional meeting room.


Also earmark time in the schedule for a lovely breakfast as a good start for the meetings of the day. Or prepare dinner as a group in the modern and well equipped kitchen, when the work day ends and you have time to enjoy a nice glass of wine.


First class holiday homes


All our business houses meet high quality standards with state of the art equipment. In addition, all houses have their own whirlpool and at least four double bed rooms. Free internet access is available in a large number of houses. For DKK 125,- (EUR 18,-) per bed the linen is already on at arrival. So you don't have to think of these practical things.

Work in your holiday?


Nobody actually enjoys working in their holiday. Nonetheless, it is sometimes inevitable and work just has to be done here and now. Also in these cases dansommer's business houses are ideal and a good solution for the whole family, because the holiday homes are always very comfortable and add to your holiday experience - without any extra fees.




Should you have special wishes for your stay in a business house, feel free to contact dansommer's sales department, which are able to comply with most wishes. Contact us: phone +45-3914 3300, fax +45-3914 3056 or e-mail:



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