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Holiday homes in Albania

Discover Durres with a holiday home

Durres, formerly Durraza, is an ancient city founded in 627 BC, according to local folklore by an illyrian king. in 1627 BC the Greeks invaded from nearby Corfu and the Korinth area and called the newly conquered area Dyrrachium. In the 4th century BC Durres developed into an independent town, and in 229 BC it was taken by Rome, which turned it into a centre of trade and one of the most valuable harbour towns on the Adriatic coast. The majority of our holiday homes are located in Durres.

Today, Durres is one of the largest cities and harbors in Albania. The city has a population of 100.000, but this number is doubled during the summer months, when the city attracts many families visiting the local beaches, and visitors from holiday homes. The Adriatic sea is perfect for a family holiday, as the water is warm and the sea is fairly shallow. The broad sandy beaches are popular with tourists.


The Amphitheatre is one of the largest and most famous monuments in the country. A remnant of the ancient trading port. It's the largest in the Balkans, and was buildt in the 2nd century AD, with capacity for an audience of about 20.000. It was deserted during the middle ages and was accidentally discovered in 1966 by a man digging in his garden. Due to a massive earthquake during antiquity, most of the old towns lies in dirt covered ruins, only 1/3 of the ancient town has been uncovered.

The archaeological museum lies close to the sea and is filled with artifacts from Durres. It gives you a good overview over the ancient Durachium. All of the land in Durres has been declared a cultural monument, and all new construction has to be approved by the institute for cultural monuments.

Today, Durres contains a broad range of hotels, holiday homes and hostels, and an active cultural life. In the summer, the city comes alive and is filled with people who are visiting, not just for a sunny holiday, but also for cultural and historical trips.

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