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FAQ about booking and payment

FAQ about booking and payment

Find information about how you book and pay for your holiday cottage

#How do I book a holiday home?
#How do I receive my booking agreement and rental documents?
#How is my personal info safeguarded?
#When can I book?
#How does dansommer protect me?
#How do I go about paying?
#What if I get a new credit card in between the first and second installments?
#Can I transfer my booking to another person?
#Can groups/youth groups rent a holiday home?
#What is prepayment consump.?
#Why do I have to pay a breakage deposit?
#How do I pay the breakage deposit / prepayment consump.?
#When will the breakage deposit /prepayment be refunded?
#Why do I have to pay a tourist tax?


How do I book a holiday home?

You can book your holiday home directly through our website. Of course you are also welcome to contact our sales department on +45 3914 3300, or  send an email to We are open from Monday-Friday 9.00am-18.30pm, and on Saturday 9.00am-15.00pm. We are closed on Sundays. 

How do I receive my booking agreement and rental documents?
When your booking and payment is complete, you will receive an email linking to your booking information, payment information, and rental agreement.  If you pay by Credit card, the booking information will immediately be available. We do not send any post; everything is done through our website and email. If you want to receive your booking documents by post, you must book through our sales department; see ‘How do I book a holiday home?’

How is my personal info safeguarded?
All information entered into the booking form is sent via secure SSL-encryption to dansommer.

When can I book?
You can always book a holiday home for the next season. From the middle of the year (around June), you also start being able to book a house for the next year. If the house you have been looking at is not yet up for sale in the period you want, you can make a pre-booking through our sales department, who will then inform you at a later date, whether booking the house is possible or not. Outside Denmark, some houses can only be rented on request, meaning you have to contact the house owner, to see if it’s possible to book the house or not. In case of a request, you must pay us the full booking amount before a request can be performed.

How does dansommer protect me?
When you book a holiday home with dansommer you are automatically covered by our security package, which protects you against being forced to suddenly cancel the house (for example in case of acute illness), gives you our money-back-guarantee, and our best-price-guarantee.

How do I go about paying?
The payment is done in two installments. You must pay us the first install no later than 8 days after booking, and it consists of 25% of the total amount. If you book a house less than 8 weeks before your stay, you must pay the full amount in the first installment. In case of a booking less than 6 weeks before your arrival, you must pay immediately after booking, through online banking, or a bank transfer, and then you will quickly receive the rental agreement. If you pay by credit card, the second installment (the last 75% of the payment), is automatically withdrawn 6 weeks before arrival. In case of a short term (less than 6 weeks before arrival) booking, the full booking amount is automatically withdrawn the following workday. 

What if I get a new credit card in between the first and second installments?
If you get a new card, you must inform us before the second installment is withdrawn. Otherwise we will not be able to complete the second payment.

Can I transfer my booking to another person?
Yes! You can transfer your booking to another person up to 8 days before arrival at no surcharge, if you are unable to go yourself. Keep in mind, that we will need a written and signed confirmation from you, indicating the details of the person you want to be the new renter.

Can groups/youth groups rent a holiday home?
Certain house owner’s, do not allow groups/youth groups as guests in their holiday home. This will usually be clear from the house description. A group/youth group is defined as a group of at least 6 people, that aren’t families or couples. You must inform dansommer if you are staying as a group, and dansommer maintains the right to refuse such a stay. If you do not inform dansommer advance that you’re staying as a group dansommer can refuse your stay at arrival, or during the stay. The person booking the house must be at least 25 years old. At arrival, but preferably earlier, all groups have to pay a special deposit, calculated based on the homes’ standard deposit, plus an extra 3.500, - pr. Person. Additionally, all groups have to order a final cleaning, if this isn’t already part of the rental terms for the holiday home. See our rental agreement for more information. 

What is prepayment consump.?
The prepayment of consumption costs acts as a security for the home owner to ensure that any variable consumption costs, such as electricity, heating and water will be covered. A meter in the holiday home will track the usage and thereby costs. In the property presentation (Overview and Facilities) there is more info about which costs are included and excluded for each holiday home.

Why do I have to pay a breakage deposit?
The breakage deposit is meant for the holiday home owner as a security and will cover potential damages that may occur to the holiday rental or to the grounds during your stay. Please note: if you have caused any damages by accident, you will need to settle the amount yourself with the holiday home owner.
In the holiday homes where you have to pay for the consumption costs, these are usually deducted from the deposit on your departure from the holiday home.

Boat - Breakage deposit: If the holiday home has a boat either included in the rental price or for rent, then you may be charged an additional breakage deposit for the use of this boat.

How do I pay the breakage deposit / prepayment consump.?
You usually pay the deposit / prepayment of consumption costs on arrival in cash to the house owner or representative, when you collect the keys. It is usually paid in the local currency used at your destination.
In Denmark, you can choose to pay the deposit / prepayment of consumption costs at the time of booking, or you can pay it when you collect the keys from our service office or representative on arrival. Here you can pay by cash or by credit card. We actually recommend that you pay at the time of the booking, in order to save time when you pick up the keys.

When will the breakage deposit / prepayment be refunded?
In all of the countries, except from Denmark, the holiday home owner / representative will settle the deposit / prepayment of consumption costs with you at the same time as you hand back the keys. In a few instances the deposit will be refunded with a bank transfer, we advise you to bring your IBAN and Swift numbers with you.
In Denmark, where you pay prepayment of consumption costs on certain holiday homes, we will deduct the consumption costs from the original prepayment and within three weeks from your departure from the holiday home, we will transfer the remaining amount by bank transfer to you or refund it to the credit card that you used to pay for the booking, or/ prepayment of consumption costs in the first place.
If the consumption costs exceed the prepayment made, or damages exceeds the deposit, then we will invoice you for the outstanding amount.

Why do I have to pay a tourist tax?
The local authorities in many European countries demand a tourist tax from anyone visiting the country. Typically, this is calculated as a certain amount, per person, per day. The tax differs from country to country. You must pay the tourist tax to the house owner at arrival.