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Holiday cottages in Finland

Discover Finland with a holiday cottage

Bright Scandinavian nights and unspoiled Finnish nature

The bright Scandinavian nights and the unspoiled Finnish nature offer unique experiences. In Finland you will find ideal conditions for cycling, hiking, canooing and horseback riding. Thousands of lake, open landscapes, thick forest, mountainous areas and an unparalleled landscape marked by streams and islands, characterise this holiday destination in the far north. Now dansommer is able to offer exclusive holiday homes in the beautiful Finnish country side.

Midnight sun over Finland

During midsummer the sun shines 24 hours a day. In Utsjoki, in the northern part of Lapland, the longest summer day last for more than two months. In the southern part of Finland it doesn't go dark in the summer either. The twilight in the evening is taken over by the dawn in the morning.

In the land of lakes, the horizon is endless

Finland offers more than 180.000 lakes, 35 national parks and the coastline is several thousand kilometres long. Thanks to the "All man's right", which gives free access to everyone to the wilderness, Finland offers fantastic opportunities to explore nature both from the sea and the land. Furthermore the popular sport "Nordic Walking" was invented in Finland. If you haven't tried it before, the opportunity to pick up your first experiences here in the country of origin, while you are on holiday at the same time, is great.

The lovely Finnish cuisine

Local fish delicacies and a Scandinavian and Russian influence on cooking, characterises Finish cuisine. Fish dishes dominate the menu, with main focus on culinary specialities of salmon(lohi), rainbow trout (kirjolohi), powan (siika), pike (hauki), Baltic herring (silakka), perch (ahven) and whitefish (muikku). Apart from dishes made of reindeer or game, the continental influence on meat dishes is dominant. Dessert are unique for Finland.

The lakes

A blue labyrinth af lakes, rivers, canals and islands combined with forests and mountain ranges, spread out over several hundred kilometres of beautiful and breathtaking nature. You find lakes in all sizes and shapes all over Finland, but the Eastern part is especially blessed with water. The Saimaa lakes, along the Russian border, is a large network of waterways and the lakes continue to the west to Kuopio and north to Nurmes. This area has given Finlands its label as "Land of the 1000 lakes" and is an ideal holiday destination, whether you want to enjoy the peace and quiet and the fresh air, or want to explore the countless lakes, rivers and forrests, Finland is a great . The region also offers a special form of European culture, which can be explored in the small Finnish villages where you also can experience Finnish traditions first hand.

Welcome to Finland - "The land of the thousand lakes"!

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