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Holiday cottage in the Saxon Switzerland

Beautiful holiday cottage in Saxon Switzerland

You really just need to experience the Saxon Switzerland.

With a holiday cottages in the Saxon Switzerland you will get an unforgettable experience. The area is known for its bizarre rock formations, which is located at southeast of Dresden, and on both sides of the river Elbe.

Here where the Saxon Switzerland National Park created to preserve mountain area's original character intact. The Sandstone cliff attracts many mountain climbers to the area, and it is a very popular leisure activity for the area to go climbing on the mountains.

Active holiday cottages in Saxon Switzerland

There are numerous opportunities, and many varied holiday cottages in the Saxon Switzerland.

Here are 1.200 km hiking and biking trails out that can guide you through the varied landscape and the beautiful scenery. Whether the trip must go through forests, mysterious valleys or high up on the mountains, with a panoramic view, is entirely up to you.

Your holiday cottages offers opportunities for driving a motorcycle, boating, free climbing, paddle, horseback riding, jogging and swimming. It is entirely up to you how the program must be put together.
From your holiday cottages, there are also activities for children such as climbing, horse riding, yarn spinning, felting and manufacture of candles.

With a holiday cottages in the Saxon Switzerland, you can enjoy a relaxing everyday life in peaceful and beautiful surroundings in your holiday home in Germany.

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  • Königstein

    HouseProperty ID: DER114

    From 199 EUR
    Price includes: cleaning
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    House: DER114

    • Size: 30 m2
    • Persons: 2
    • Pets allowed: No pets allowed
    • Water: 6000 m
    • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 1/1
  • Stolpen

    HouseProperty ID: DSS402

    From 395 EUR
    Price includes: cleaning
    Read moreShow on map

    House: DSS402

    • Size: 75 m2
    • Persons: 6
    • Pets allowed: No pets allowed
    • Water: 500 m
    • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 2/1
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