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Holiday cottages in iceland

Holiday cottages on Iceland

Holiday in Iceland - the island of fire and ice

On a holiday in Iceland you are witnessing to the formation of the country. Nature forces which form and shape the island can be experienced everywhere. The raw volcanic rock is constantly worked on by glaciers and wild rivers and there is also a constant change on the coasts. The inner forces of the globe are in a constant battle with the vegetation, when moss initiates life on the newly cooled lava. Iceland is a true paradise for nature lovers with countless fascinating sights of interests and attractions, which make it an unforgetable holiday home destination.

Breathtaking landscapes on Iceland

Get fascinated by the everchanging hot springs and geysers or enjoy a hike among water falls, huge fjords and picturesque coasts. Go on discovery on fantastic lava formations, in caves and enchatning castles. Breathe in the uniquely clean air and get refreshed at one of the numerous water springs. Not two landscapes are the same!

On Iceland you can also see how millions of sea birds, f.ex. puffins breed and you can watch whales play off the coasts.

The fascinating ice world of Iceland

Discover the large number of glaciers from the door of your holiday cottage - among others the Vatnajökull, which is Europe's largest with 8.000 m2. To go on a boat trip among the icebergs of Vatnajökull is an unforgetable experience, you take home with you from your holiday on Iceland. Bizarre icebergs float in clear blue glacier lakes, where seals also go hunting for their food. With a little luck you can watch large ice blocks fall into the water with an enourmous crashing sound.

Experience wonderful Iceland close by

If you want to get in close contact with Iceland's countless wonders, the opportunities are virtually limitless with one of our holiday homes. Get to know the Icelandic diversity on your holiday and dive into a fascinating world far away from daily life. In addition to the most fantastic oppotunities to go hiking, Iceland also offers more interesting experiences.

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