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Free Security Package

Free Security Package



falsedansommer's Security Package includes cancellation insurance - Safety Warranty if becoming unemployment - Money Return Guarantee - Best Price Guarantee

When you book at holiday cottage with dansommer you are automatically covered by our Security Package, which is included in the price. The Security Package is designed to provide you with the best possible security when booking a holiday cottage

Cancel your booking:

  • In the event of you or a close relative suffering from an acute illness, serious injury or pass away.
  • In case of significant damage to your private home as a consequence of fire or burglary.
  • In case of becoming involuntarily unemployed or facing new job commitments.

Money back guarantee" on all of our houses with an indoor pool.


With the Money-Back Guarantee you get a cash refund, should you have any problems with your holiday home (pool can't be used/holiday home is not cleaned properly).

If you require any further information, see our rental agreement or contact our sales department