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Large Country Houses

Large country houses of the ordinary!

Large country houses are for those, who are looking for a different holiday experience in very unique settings with lots of space both indoors and outdoors.

Former manors and country estates

A Large Country House cannot be compared to dansommer's traditional holiday home. All our Large Country Houses are former country estates or manor houses, which have been renovated and modernised thoroughly - though with gentle hand in order to maintain the country estate's original "soul" and atmosphere from past times. This exquisit mixture of old and new, of antique furniture beautifully combined with modern Scandinavian arrangements, add to the special charme of our large country houses.

Apart from the stylish furnishing the country estates are spacious and equipped with various modern conveniences and some also with a swimming pool and/or whirlpool.

Large Country Houses and manors in a perfect location

The unique location of our Large Country Houses forms a chapter of itself. Large beautiful natural plots surround the country estates. They are located in peaceful and idyllic surroundings, often close to water and forest and far way from the stressful everyday life. Here you will find loads and loads of space and possibilities for enjoying the gorgeous nature.

Let a Large Country House create the surroundings for your holiday and get a holiday experience out of the ordinary!

Perfect for larger parties and conferences

Large country houses are also the perfect choice for family gatherings and conferences.

A country house provide the perfect surrounding for those who want to invite to an unforgettable family party, for example a romantic wedding or a birthday surrounded by family and good friends.

Our large country houses also create the perfect surroundings for companies, who look for a different and interesting way to hold a course or a conference.

If you aren't sure which of the large country houses suits your needs the best, feel free to contact our sales department.