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Long weekend in Denmark

Book a holiday cottage for a long weekend

Save up to 30%!

Book 3-5 nights at a reduced price and enjoy a weekend stay or a minibreak in one of our many, lovely holiday cottages in Denmark.

Mini breaks and weekend stays are just the perfect opportunity to unwind and get new energy, and at the same, it is inexpensive when you choose a holiday cottage from dansommer.

Find a holiday cottage with the 'Mini'-symbol and calculate the price as follows:

3 nights = 30 % discount on the weekly rental price
4 nights = 20% discount on the weekly rental price
5 nights = 10% discount on the weekly rental price

In Denmark it is possible to book a mini break all year around, as long as you book it within four weeks before your arrival day.

Even if you should have a long summer holiday, it can be nice with a couple of extra days of holiday outisde the main season. Many of our holiday cottages offer the possibility to book mini breaks and weekend stays - and remember that dansommer not only offers holiday cottages in Denmark, but also offers holiday homes across Europe.

Note! A booking for a mini break with more than 28 days to arrival will be calculated to a weekly rental price.