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Holiday homes in Luxembourg

Lovely holiday homes in Luxembourg

Welcome to Luxembourg! It's a small country, but a big tourist destination, and a great place to book a holiday home. Luxembourg has fascinating nature and some great facilities for sports fans, kids and their parents, and those who love wellness and culture. Luxembourg: a country with a thousand possiblities!

Back to nature in Luxembourg

The breathtaking nature Luxembourg offers can be experienced in many ways, often close to your holiday home. Large rock formations, rivers that run through the forests and long hikes in the enchanting landscape. Luxembourg's nature is diverse and you can experience a number of different adventures and idyllic landscapes. Countless hiking paths carry you from your holiday home through Luxembourg's majestic forests, along Mosel or on the banks of lakes and rivers. It's with views over the dramatic cliff formations and walking through the wineyards, that Luxembourg's nature unveils its exceptional nature.

Luxembourg - where sport is one with nature

In Luxemburg there are numerous opportunities for active cyclists and mountainsbikers. It's worth noting that despite its small size, Luxembourg offers more than 300km of mountainbiking trails, and no less than 600km of marked cycling tracks. Golf lovers can take their pick between 6 large golf courses.

Swimming, iceskating, climbing, paragliding, balloon flying, riding, sailing, or alping skiing - Luxembourg is the ideal terrain for a multi-sport adventure in the enticing nature around your holiday home.

Feel refreshed after a visit to Luxembourg

Specialised centres offer massages, skin treatments, steam rooms, and a wealth of other relaxing opportunities. The beautiful thermal springs / spa's are often equipped with the newest technology and give off a unique athmosphere, away from stress and pollution.

Culture clash in Luxembourg

Historical cultural heritage, classical music, modern art, folklore, castles, and exhibitions. Luxembourg is a decidedly cultural destination, with small picturesque villages take you on an unforgettable journey through the past centuries. The cosmopolitan population, and it's placement on the split between germanic and latin cultures, have given Luxembourg a completely unique culture.

In Luxembourg the children rule!

A holiday home in Luxembourg is a fun destination for Children, where through the Zoological gardens and thematised walking routes, they can learn a lot and observe the local animal life on close terms. Conservation of nature has always held top priority in Luxembourg, and due to this, there are many exciting experiences with nature for children to explore. Awareness of ecology and nature begins at an early age in Luxembourg, and is perpetuated throughout the country. Have an excursion from your holiday home, and let your children participate in workshops such as photography, baking, drawing, or dance, all in an exceptionally innovative environment which your children will never forget!

Shopping in Luxembourg

Experience the typical markets full of local delicacies, which come from the national production of wine, alcohol, sparkling wine, sausages, and honey. Visit the modern shops with popular luxury items and be inspired by the inviting shop windows, before returning to the comfort of your holiday home.

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  • Schlindermanderscheid

    HouseProperty ID: LUX132

    From 470 EUR
    Price includes: bedlinen, cleaning
    Read moreShow on map

    House: LUX132

    • Size: 54 m2
    • Persons: 2 + 2
    • Pets allowed: No pets allowed
    • Water: 3000 m
    • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 2/1
  • Kautenbach

    HouseProperty ID: LUX142

    From 699 EUR
    Price includes: bedlinen, cleaning
    Read moreShow on map

    House: LUX142

    • Size: 133 m2
    • Persons: 4
    • Pets allowed: 2
    • Water: 10000 m
    • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 2/1
  • Dirbach

    HouseProperty ID: LUX143

    From 870 EUR
    Price includes: cleaning
    Read moreShow on map

    House: LUX143

    • Size: 290 m2
    • Persons: 22
    • Pets allowed: 2
    • Water: 16000 m
    • Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 6/2
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