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Holiday homes in Switzerland

Holiday homes in Switzerland

A small country offers great holiday experiences

Switzerland may be a small country compared to the rest of Europe, but it always contrives to draw positive attention to itself. Due to the size of the country, it is possible to reach the most beautiful sites of interest within a short distance from any rented holiday home or chalet, either by car or by train.

Active holiday in the beautiful Swiss nature.

During the summer the beautiful mountain landscapes invite to hikes, mountainbiking, rock climbing or golf. Countless mountain and glacier lakes are ideal for swimming, diving or just a bit of splashing. Modern sports such as surfing, mountaineering, riverrafting etc. can also be practised here. In the winter even sleepy mountain villages transform into meeting points for celebreties and royals from all over the world. The winter sports opportunities are numerous and you will find something for every taste and skill.

Feel the culture in Switzerland.

Culture plays a large part in Switzerland, which among others is prominent in cities such as Berne, Lucerne, Montreux, Geneva and Zurich, which all are popular tourist destinations, and great places to book a holiday home. A famous opera house, parliament building, beautiful old villages and cities, interesting museums and galleries as well as the famous jazz festival in Montreux and the idyllic lakes, turn Switzerland into a unique holiday destination.

The language

The four spoken languages in Switzerland (German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic) bear witness of the countries' many influences. The country holds firmly on to old traditions and national sports such as "Schwingen"(wrestling) and Hornussen are still practised.

Switzerland is for everyone

There are however also less touristy regions where peace and relaxation are key words, and these can be great places to book a comfortable chalet. Relax with a long walk, a thermal bath, or an individual wellness programme. Switzerland has everything!

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