How much can you earn?

Most people make the decision to rent out their property as a holiday home to bring in an extra income, but how much can you realistically earn and what factors affect this figure?

This is our exact area of expertise so we will be able to guide you on how much rental income you can expect and advise you on ways you can increase it.

We pay out your rental income before the guest arrives.
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How we help you boost your income

We believe that in order to create the best possible rental experience for you it is vital to know and understand everything about the market in which we operate.

Since NOVASOL first opened its doors 1968 and began operating out of a Copenhagen basement, we have seen hundreds of thousands of holiday homes and every year we send millions of guests on holiday. By monitoring holiday trends and analysing competitors we are able to price your property in line with current market activity, therefore ensuring that the rental price of your property remains competitive and you enjoy a steady flow of bookings. 

Everything we do is backed by 50 years’ worth of experience and knowledge. 

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In order to determine the right prices for both guests and holiday home owners, extensive analyses are made by various teams looking at booking history, marketing efforts and overall holiday trends.

We use this experience to…

Determine your rental price: There is a lot that goes in to determining a rental price, and wrong prices are one of the main reasons for low occupancy. Every home is different, and there are many parameters to take into consideration in order to obtain the right balance. We use our extensive experience, bookings trends from previous years, as well as the local market value to determine the best rental price for your holiday home.

Marketing your holiday home: We analyse travel-related search data among consumers to make sure your holiday home reaches the greatest possible number of potential guests.

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Boosting your bookings: Our experience and analysis of travel and booking trends (demand and occupancy) in your geographic location will be applied, to guide you in optimising your holiday home, and advise you on the rental income you will be able to expect over the course of the year. 

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And much more!

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