Your holiday home is safe with us

It is important to us that you feel completely secure whilst renting out your holiday home and that whilst accidents can happen; they need not spoil the guests’ holiday or cause you any hassle. This is why you are automatically covered by our Homeowner Insurance and our Minor Damage Concept.

Homeowner Insurance

Our Homeowner Insurance covers most damage to your holiday home and/or any personal property within the property caused by a NOVASOL guest if your own insurance does not cover the damage*.

*Subject to the insurance policy terms and conditions.

The insurance includes:

  • Coverage of property damage caused by a NOVASOL guest.
  • Coverage of loss of rental income if repairing the damage means that you will have to cancel existing bookings.
  • Coverage of most personal injuries by paying reasonable expenses for medical treatment, transportation etc., should the tenant or his guests be injured on the property during the rental period. This is providing the cause of injury can be attributed to you or the property itself.

In other words, the insurance acts as a supplement to your insurance. If your insurance does not cover, only covers part of the damage or covers all damages but your excess is higher than 135 EUR, then our Homeowner Insurance is designed to assist you. However, we highly recommend that you have your own household insurance, which includes liability, as the Homeowner Insurance has its limits and does not cover every eventuality e.g. theft.

Small accidents do appear occasionally

The Minor Damage Concept

The Minor Damage Concept means that NOVASOL will reimburse the cost of a repair of the damaged item in question or purchase of a new item up to 135 EUR. This is subject to certain terms and conditions.

There is no excess and you do not have to report anything to your own insurance company nor discuss it with your guests. 

NOVASOL aims to avoid dissatisfaction or disagreement between guests and home owners at the time of guest departure as the result of any damage or loss of property by providing a ‘Minor Damage Form’. 

The only thing you have to do as the home owner is to hand over the Minor Damage Form to the guests along with the key at arrival. If any small damages have occurred during the guests’ stay, then they must fill out and sign the form and return it to you at the end of their stay.
You can repair the damage or buy a new item – and NOVASOL reimburse the cost up to the amount of 135 EUR. Should the cost of the repair or replacement exceed 135 EUR then your own insurance or the NOVASOL Home Owner Insurance will most likely cover it instead. 

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