How your holiday home is promoted 

Whether you holiday home is located in Greece, France, Spain, Italy or some of the 23 other European countries, we do many things to make sure your holiday home is presented to hundreds of thousands of potential guests all over the world. From descriptions and photos to negotiating deals with our partners: we take care of everything. This is all part of your NOVASOL package which of course means that it is completely free of charge.

Presentation is key

The basis of all our marketing efforts is a tempting description that ensures potential guests get a comprehensive insight into what makes your holiday home special.

Therefore, we visit your property to make sure that every detail is accounted for. From the number of (double and single) beds, the kitchen facilities, what kind of heating is used, the square footage of the garden, whether there is a washer/dryer, barbecue, garage, pool, internet, panoramic view, garden furniture or if pets are allowed and much more – we document everything so that our professional copy writers can create an appealing and fulfilling description.

We work in 14 languages and collaborate with more than 10,000 tour operators, travel agents and online portals. That ensures you maximum exposure throughout the world.

breath taking view from Italian holiday home near Cinque Terre
Presentation of the holiday home and it's surroundings is one key to obtain a successful holiday home rental. A palette of marketing activities ensures exposure in the right channels, targeted to the right audience.

Your property will be presented in various media worldwide –this includes;

Booking sites

The NOVASOL website  is currently translated into 14 languages and has a total of 16 million annual visitors. Customers can book at any time via a simple and straight forward booking flow, without the need for long searches. We also collaborate with hundreds of online portals to showcase your holiday home as much as possible.

Social media

Several times a week we create engaging content on our country specific Facebook pages, promoting holiday destinations across Europe and hand-picked properties.


NOVASOL offices send weekly newsletters to our more than 600,000 newsletter subscribers across the world, which focus on a variety of themes, special offers and different destinations across Europe.


Every year we create over 1.5 million brochures which feature a wide range of our holiday homes and that are distributed to travel agencies, partners, our own offices, individual customers, travel fairs and more. 

Events and fairs

Every year our colleagues all around Europe attend travel fairs to represent both the company as well as our 50,000 holiday homes. These travel fairs are an essential part of our marketing mix, allowing both the brand and our products to a far wider audience. 

Other activities

We work closely with more than 10,000 travels agencies and booking partners. We also invest in TV-commercials, radio spots, videos and much more.

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